Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My loverly kitchen!

Brittany over at Love Stitched challenged us to post photos of our kitchens.... and mine isn't anything too fantastical but it's mine :) and I love cooking various things in there. It's on the south side of my house, so it gets lots of sun. This time of year on Utah, that equals heaven because I can open the curtains (that I made for my kitchen BTW) and it gets this gorgeous warm glow. It warms up the tile on the floor and makes the kitchen look awesome. So here are the photos :)
view from the back door. Complete with potty sticker pages, empty milk carton, water bottles waiting to be refilled, and the hubster's lunch box.
The view from the fridge (so just opposite the previous photo) with out white board, key holder and mail sorter (both made by moi) and tablecloth made of grandma's fabric scraps.
View from the sink, you can get the full effect of how "cozy" our kitchen is. I found the stover burner covers on clearance for like $2. The wicker doll I inherited from grandma, and our messy coat rack that Chelsaroo takes over with all her stuff.... that doesn't really go on the coat rack. LOL
My sink and the best window to open the curtains on. Complete with big arse cups of soda from the night before (that included LOTS of Rockband on the PS3) and my spider plant that you can't really see that well. I am so proud of that thing cause it's the first one that I didn't kill! LOL
The window above the table. Good view of the curtains I made, and the shelf I repurposed, and the hubster's sweet moose calendar :)
Above the doorway going to the back door/basement. I put it there to try to remind us that we ought to be grateful for the things we have, and not focus so much on the things we don't.

So that's it. The tour of my kitchen. It almost always looks like that, I was going to clean it for this post... but I would just be kidding myself LOL