Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hiatus is over! Giveaway time!

How exciting is it that I am officially moved into my new sewing space and ready to get going on the projects that literally piled up in the waiting period? It's very exciting! 
I am so happy to have this space, though it has the occasional spider and it smelled like a basement (because, well, it's in the basement) until I put in air fresheners. It has opened up the living room and made the house feel bigger. And it's nice to have the mess all tucked away where virtually nobody will see it ;) I am finally ready to unveil the room, are you ready to see it?!

It needs paint, not sure what color to go with yet. And new curtains (one of the projects in the pile), but it's a great space, almost like it was meant for me to make it into a sewing room. It's tucked away in the basement, right next to the laundry room. You want to see more?

I need a bookshelf for this space, it's really not very useable the way it is (yet! I will be making changes!). I would be happy to repurpose one, if only I could find one.

This is a better view of my little corner where my sewing table is. There is a window right by it, and a light right above it. The lighting is super nice, and I can see everything I am doing really well. 

Here is the cutting table, that has SO much more room since I moved everything for the machine into the desk and had my wonderful husband build me a thread holder (it will eventually be mounted to the dresser so I will have even more flat surface). 

Thread holder close up. :)

And the dresser and dress form. It's nice to have room to put it all up and not have to tuck it into corners. There is even enough room to put up the ironing board and leave it up if I want to. 

And here is a little peek into something fun! I am happy to be part of a repurpose showdown this month. The item to repurpose is a scarf. I'm not really a scarf person, and happened to have some. So I chose this little beauty.
Its super soft, and a really great coral color. Really, it's just beautiful.

So here is the deal. In all of the excitement of getting a new sewing room, and being part of the showdown, and it being summer, and just cause I want to I am going to be doing a giveaway here on my blog! Pretty awesome, right? If you can guess what I will be repurposing this gorgeous little scarf into you will be entered to win something special, custom and hand made by me! Just submit your guess as a comment here on this blog post. The showdown is over at the end of the month, and I will announce the winner at the first of July. 

Happy Guessing!