Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yep, another one. Here it goes :)

Breakfast of champs - Toast and Diet Pepsi. Don't judge me, it was whole grain bread.

 The sad state of my Sewing/Living/Family room... 90% of the time.
 My Texas Double Whopper. Deliciousness. I always order it without Onions.... and get onion rings... Kind of an oxymoron.
 My new hotness shoes! I freaking love these. I have yet to wear them outside, but i wear them int he house all the time cause they are so fun. Yep, totally vacuumed in them. June Cleaver!
 Papa Bear, diggin treasures. He loves this, and it was FREEZING! I had to sit in the car cause I was so dang cold!
 Bagel Face! This boy makes my whole life!
 Chels wanted a purple room, but it's in the basement. So we compromised. :)
 Redneck fest! Monster Jam 2011 with Chels. And I am TOTALLY wearing a Perry the Platypus shirt. I loves me some Phineas & Ferb :)
HAHA I love that face.
So we come in the house, and I hear "Here I come Chelsea!" I turn around to see this....
After telling him it's bedtime he says "No I can't I'm all hypers!"
I ask him "What are you doing? that's dirty!" And he says "Nope He's not in there." What? in the world is this kid thinking?! He is looking for Buzz Lightyear. LOL
The product of my messy Sweing/Living/Family room
And another result... in progress.
Aw, who can't love a chubby Doxie!?!

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  1. i LOVE wearing cute shoes in the house. it makes me work better. and makes me legs look pretty. hah.